Use referral links and earn sign up rewards
Get sign-up rewards for the services you want with user-submitted (and randomly chosen) referral links.
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How it works

Search Zimmy for an offer you'd like to use and click 'Open Offer' to go to the offer page.
Click 'Claim Offer' to use a referral link, submitted by Zimmy partners. If an offer has more than 1 referral link, we'll open one randomly.
Sign up for your chosen service as normal. You'll be given your referral gift the 3rd party service. Enjoy!

Add your link(s)

Grab your referral link (e.g. and submit it to Zimmy. We'll review within 24 hours (we review links to ensure quality) before publishing live.

When a user clicks the 'Claim Offer' button on a referral offer with more than 1 link submitted (e.g. $5 back on your first Uber ride), our system will randomly select and open one of the submitted referral links for that offer, giving everyone an even chance of accumulating referral bonuses.